Marlin Lever Action .444 Marlin. Hooded front sight adjustable rear site drilled and tapped for mounting optics.  Very good condition.  Call for pricing.

Marlin 30.30 Lever Action Saddle Rifle.  hooded front site adjustable rear.  very good condition.  Call for pricing.


If you have a firearm that you would like to sell but you do not wish to do this on your own, feel free to call us for a quote on our fees to sell that item for you.

We will clean and inspect it for you and tell you what we feel the value is and what we can expect to sell that item for.

Once we come to an agreement we will post it on this page and when the firearm is sold we will give you the amount we agreed on and our profit will be what the difference is at the time of sale.

All sales records will be available for your inspection upon request of the seller.